Original creation plan   The Alpine Tour & Moranti Imagination is the design theme of this new collection.
Using the straight line to create the cabinet texture, all the simple design direction is to make a subtraction for people's heavy living pressure, and to make the home a space without distracting, relaxed and comfortable.
The inspiration of the gray-blue system is based on the natural natural color scheme, which creates a gentle and slow-paced life atmosphere, and provides a sense of naturalness and a more free association space during use.

Life is a journey of exploration
Inspired to follow the footsteps between the Alps
In the healing of nature
Resonance and delusions about the texture of life

When the wind comes, it’s better to go after the wind
We will live poetry and the ideal life in the distance
Design language that is close to nature and restores itself
Extend to the bathroom space
New definition of a simple and modern lifestyle